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My Little Punky Brewster


That little pumpkin over there to the right is my modest girl who has a LOT of ideas about how she should be dressing. Her favorite formula for an outfit is “a skirt, leggings, and a shirt”.  And that’s exactly how she says it.  Normally it’s something like “can I have a skirt, leggings, and a shirt?” or “I picked out a skirt, lettings, and a shirt”.  Oh and every once in a while “I don’t want that skirt, leggings, and shirt!”.  Generally that one is said with yelling and tears because apparently I’m trying to dress her horribly.  She has her own style, that’s for sure.

This outfit, for example, is most definitely of her doing (please pardon the quality, I took it with my phone because she stopped for a minute and I didn’t have time to grab a proper camera).  She actually wore the dress to church yesterday but with brown tights and a cute cream sweater.  Today she has her polka dot dress paired with polka dot leggings and while it’s hard to see, the hood on her jacket has pink polka dots.  I am a BIG fan of polka dots and think they are just lovely but this MIGHT be a bit much.  If I had picked this outfit out it would have probably lead to World War III with wailing and gnashing of teeth but because it is her choice she is more than happy to prance around looking like she got dressed in the dark.  Oh well, at least I didn’t have to pick it out!

Sifting Through


While perusing my Facebook page the last couple of days and scrolling through the updates, I realized I barely recognized half of the names I was looking at.  I had a list of 440 “friends”, some of which I don’t talk to and barely know.  There are times I have had to scroll through endlessly to find an update from someone I really know and correspond with.  That is just silly and so I decided to pare that down a little bit.  By the time I got done I was at 398.

Hhhmmm.  I’m not sure how to feel about that.  I mean, I love meeting new people and I love that I feel like I have contact with so many people in my life, so it’s not like I am opposed to having a larger number in that spot. As a matter of fact, there are people I know through blogging and through Facebook that I’ve never even met face to face.  One of my closest friends, known around my house as “Canada Jenn”, lives in another country.  And some of the greatest support and advice I have gotten the last few years as a new mom and going back to school has come from all over the world.

So yeah, I love meeting and getting to know people.  But do these people really know me?  I think that’s part of the point of starting this blog.  I want to share so much more about myself than what fits in a Facebook status update or a quick tweet.  Maybe my friend number will go up from here, we shall see.

Introducing the Gang


I have a lot of plans for this space, including themes for different days, or at least some possibilities in mind.  I want to talk about all things modest, not just in my clothing.  I think you can be modest in so many ways, whether that be in food (which I have NOT been doing lately) and in your finances.  Budgeting is one thing I have learned to do even better after losing my job in November.  Beyond that I want to talk about my family and all of the things my life holds right now.

Of course if I want to talk about my family, it really seems like I should introduce them.  First, there is Gabe.  He is my husband of 13 years and the love of my life.  We met in 1996, got engaged in January of 1998, and were married October 24, 1998.  We have been through good times and bad, side by side, and he is still the love of my life.

Besides being the amazing husband and father he is, Gabe is also an amazingly talented author.  I am an analytical person and while I think my writing is okay (I mean, I can put together sentences and stuff!) it’s nothing like his.  I can write about myself and things I know (or heck, research for school and all of that) but he comes up with things in his head and I am immensely impressed.  I don’t have the level of imagination he has and I am always in awe each time he writes something new.  If you want to check him out I HIGHLY recommend swinging by his blog or heading over to amazon to check out his novel or his collection of short stories.  Not to shill for my husband or anything but I definitely do not think you will regret it if you do.

Now, he’s probably going to kill me for posting this here but one of my very favorite things about Gabe is his ability to laugh and be silly.  I think this photo pretty much sums that up and I can’t help but share that side of him with all of you.

This man put on my hat and then actually let me take a picture of it.  Yep, that’s just who he is.  And I love him.

The other two most important people in my life are the tiny humans called Aiden and Olivia (better known as Livi or Miss Livi).  Aiden will be turning 5 in March and Olivia is 3.  They are CONSTANTLY on the go and up to something. Aiden is in pre-school and learning every day, which is AMAZING to me.  I have always loved school and want my kiddos to have a love of education too.  Livi isn’t quite old enough for pre-school but she is definitely busy all the time and absolutely learning, school or not.  Aiden has a love of all things video game related and Livi could not be a bigger girlie girl.  He loves Mario and Lightning McQueen, while Livi is never happier than the times she is dressing up in her ballerina dresses or playing with her dolls.  They bring joy to me each and every day and are part of the huge motivation I have to be something better than I am.

So that’s pretty much us.  Hopefully I will be sharing them with you as much as possible from now on because I wouldn’t be who I am without these people in my life.

My New Digs


I have owned the rights to this space since July but because of a combination of work, school, church and just plain life, I never got around to using it.  That is about to change.  My husband, Gabe, has been encouraging me to start a public blog and get my voice out there to talk about the things I love.  I have no idea if anyone out there will enjoy reading about the things that really interest me but I am going to give it a shot.  Right now one big thing on my mind, as you can probably tell by the title of this blog, is modesty and how that affects my life.  Modesty comes up in so many aspects of my every day life that I wanted to talk about all of the areas that so many people may not think of.  I also wanted to introduce some of the awesome modest fashions I have found because I know so many people who also have a hard time finding the great things that are out there.  Being modest is just one aspect of who I am though.  Right now I’m a struggling student and mom who cares about finances and fitness and just plain getting by.  I have a feeling this space will be an outlet and a fun place for me to bring out parts of my personality that may never get seen by people other than Gabe (and he already knows how insane, silly, nutty, frustrating, etc) I can be.  Welcome to my new little piece of the net and I hope to see you around.