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My Little Punky Brewster


That little pumpkin over there to the right is my modest girl who has a LOT of ideas about how she should be dressing. Her favorite formula for an outfit is “a skirt, leggings, and a shirt”.  And that’s exactly how she says it.  Normally it’s something like “can I have a skirt, leggings, and a shirt?” or “I picked out a skirt, lettings, and a shirt”.  Oh and every once in a while “I don’t want that skirt, leggings, and shirt!”.  Generally that one is said with yelling and tears because apparently I’m trying to dress her horribly.  She has her own style, that’s for sure.

This outfit, for example, is most definitely of her doing (please pardon the quality, I took it with my phone because she stopped for a minute and I didn’t have time to grab a proper camera).  She actually wore the dress to church yesterday but with brown tights and a cute cream sweater.  Today she has her polka dot dress paired with polka dot leggings and while it’s hard to see, the hood on her jacket has pink polka dots.  I am a BIG fan of polka dots and think they are just lovely but this MIGHT be a bit much.  If I had picked this outfit out it would have probably lead to World War III with wailing and gnashing of teeth but because it is her choice she is more than happy to prance around looking like she got dressed in the dark.  Oh well, at least I didn’t have to pick it out!