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Why The Radio Silence??


I am looking down the barrel of final’s week and it is kicking my butt.  I am buried in things like this:

Chemistry.  Blech.  I absolutely hate chemistry.  I will try to avoid anything in my nursing career that makes me have to break things down to their molecular formulas.  I say that with all seriousness.

This is Med-Surg.  I think my binder may explode if I try to add anything more to it.  Each one of the things in that binder might possibly be on the final.  My head aches just thinking about it.

And finally…

My Pharmacology review.  These are the kinds of things I need to go over before Friday.  My eyes start to cross every time I look at these papers.  I do very much care about medications and knowing what they do so that I can be the best (and safest!) nurse possible for my patients one day.  I get a bit nauseous when I think about trying to get it all out on to a test paper though.

So this is what I have been doing and why I haven’t been giving this blog the proper attention.  Hopefully after this week I will be back and definitely getting ready for more summer fashions and fabulous deals!

Trendy Tuesday – The Maxi Dress


Time for another trend!  I love clothes.  Even when I’m not 100% happy with how my body looks I still love clothes.  You can dress up or down, make a statement, be comfortable, or glam.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s always something out there for the way you want to look.

I think maxi dresses can work for just about anyone, and I’m a short anyone.  More than anything I think it’s the shape and style you go for.  Given that I’m short a dress with an empire waist (or high waist) is a good thing.  It raises the eye to the smallest part of me (around my rib cage) and makes my legs look so much longer than they actually are (especially when I pair it with 4″ heels!).

This is what I decided I wanted for Easter.  I wanted something bright and different but definitely in the form of a maxi dress.  Too bad nothing in town fit the bill.  I did find this on

I definitely liked it as soon as I saw it but I was worried about ordering it online.  First, I always worry about size given that I like to try things on.  Second, this was listed as “mendi orange” and I was definitely concerned that it could come in some horrible orange that was offensive to the eye.

Also, you may be wondering, given that this is a modesty blog, how in the world I could make the top of this dress modest.  Easy, I say!  I could just toss a cami or tank top underneath and throw a cardigan or bolero over the top.  Instant modesty!  So what I am saying is that modesty was the least of my concerns with this dress.

Beyond the worries there was something that was definitely right – the price!  It was a $60.00 dress but with the sale that was going on and multiple discounts (including one from my aunt!) I was able to score this for around $20.00.  Can’t beat that!!

When this came in the mail my first thought was “the picture didn’t do the color justice”.  It was perfect.  It wasn’t at all what I would term as orange, but rather a deep coral, almost heading toward red.  I already had a white tank top to go under it and was able to find a cute, inexpensive sweater at Target to go with it.  I was officially set for Easter.

This isn’t the best pic of me, I was a little sunburned from the 7k the day before, but doesn’t my friend Kim look awesome??  He he.  I think I look uncomfortable so that’s why I’m not over the moon about this shot.  And my chest/face matches my dress a little too much.  LOL.  Oh and the feet you see between Kim and I would be Aiden deciding to hide while we were taking pics. Also, you can’t see it but even with my 4″ heels, my dress still skimmed the floor.  I’m thinking about 2″ off would be good to wear it with heels or flats this summer.  Just something to think about.

So there’s the trend.  The maxi dress done modest with a lace tank top underneath and a cute bolero jacket over the top.  All of this was done for around $50, including the tank that I believe I got at Old Navy last year for around $10.00.  Have fun shopping!

When You Hurt So Bad…


Tonight we were in the car talking about nothing when the kids brought up when we’re allowed to say God or Jesus. We try to teach them to have respect for those words and not just throw them around. We told them that we say it if we’re praying or praising the Lord. We also told them that it’s okay to say those words if we’re telling people about the Lord. Of course we want them to use these words regularly, just with respect.

While we talked about using God and Jesus when we pray Aiden brought up a time that he said he prayed for his cousin to feel better. I told him that was exactly right and it was like how mommy prayed for him when he got hurt a couple of weeks ago. Then he said “yeah, because I hurt so bad I couldn’t pray for myself”.

At first I just smiled but then it hit me. He just said something far beyond his years and so much more profound than he knows.

Too many times we think of pain in the physical form. I haven’t had a lot of physical pain in my life. I haven’t broken a bone since I was a small child and while labor was painful it was a means to a great end. We recognize our physical pain and the toil it takes on us but how much more does the pain we feel deep inside impact us? My mind flashed back to times in my life that I was broken, like the loss of my dad or following my miscarriage. I was a shell of a person. I wasn’t me. I could barely function, much less pray for myself. It hurt too bad. I didn’t have the strength to do something as simple as pray for myself.

But I knew there were a lot of people praying for me. When I couldn’t lift myself up I comforted myself with the knowledge that people who loved me were doing the praying when they knew I couldn’t.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been praying for a family that has experienced an unimaginable, life changing tragedy. As I hugged them and spoke to them my words felt so small. “I’ll pray for you”. How much can that really mean I asked myself. Even though I’ve been in the position of being lifted by other people’s prayers it felt like I should be able to do more. Until tonight.

When I was talking to Aiden we were discussing physical pain but his simple words changed how I will forever see my offering of prayer. I may not be able to turn back time, take away the pain, or change what’s happened but I’m praying for them because they hurt so bad they can’t pray for themselves. And now I realize that means so much more than I ever recognized before.

Weighty Wednesday – Cravings


I am a person that most definitely gets cravings.  And that usually isn’t a good thing.  Most of the time my cravings are for something big and chocolatey.  It’s not all the time and it’s not always a sweet but I do struggle against them when I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle.  Lately I haven’t paid much attention at all and if I had a craving I filled it because I was busy and, honestly, didn’t really care that much.  That is SUCH a bad place to be in and I am trying to be much more mindful of when and why cravings hit.

Where does that leave me?  How do I block out the cravings or ignore them when they come on?  More than anything I think the answer is I don’t ignore them, I don’t try to block them out, but that I try to attack them head on.  Acting like they are going to go away is never a good thing.  It doesn’t work.  All it does it make the craving worse and then even harder to ignore.

There are things I have found that help me with cravings.  One thing is assessing why I’m having the craving.  Am I stressed out and worked up over school and everything else?  Am I hormonal and emotional and don’t really want to deal with it?  I have to think about these things and try to decide where the craving is coming from.  If it’s from stress there are a LOT of times that a good work out with make me feel SO much better that the craving passes.  If it’s emotional or hormonal usually a talk with a friend to get out my emotions and just talk it out will make that craving less important.

That’s not to say that the cravings always go away.  That would be too easy.  But that doesn’t mean I have to deprive myself when absolutely nothing else will do but something sweet.  First, I can do something at least moderately good, like a low-cal but sweet snack, like the awesome Ginger Snaps Weight Watchers® offers.  It’s not something they have all year long, only at limited times.  Last year I fell in love with them so I bought like 10 boxes (there are only 3 packages in a box) so that I would have them when one of those cravings hit.  A small bag is only 3 points but it makes me so happy.  I can make a nice hot cup of coffee and savor my little cookies and I feel like I’m getting a treat.  Last week I found the 3 boxes I still had left in the pantry.  I was ridiculously happy about it to say the least.

Normally I try to steer away from pre-packaged foods to track my points because I don’t want to be reliant on them for a healthy lifestyle.  These don’t feel like that, these just feel like something yummy that I do to be nice to myself.

Okay, so I talked about a couple of ways to deal with cravings, figuring out why and how to get past them and satisfying them with something good.  I absolutely know those do NOT always work.  Sometimes you just have to have what you’re craving.  I don’t think this is a horrible thing, as I do think that tracking and moderation are the key when this kind of craving hits.

Last week I absolutely wanted NOTHING other than chocolate.  I tried drinking water, I tried working out, and I tried figuring out why.  Those things didn’t work.  I finally did what I wanted and ate some homemade chocolate frosting.  And it was GOOD.  It was also 12 pts.  And I get 33 points a day.  If I had an eyes bugging out of my head emoticon to put here I would.  It was not a lot of a SMALL amount of frosting but at the time it was what I wanted more than anything else.  I also tracked it and compensated for it throughout the rest of the day.  Sure, it wasn’t the most healthy way to spend my points but did it kill me?  Nope, not even close.  I’m still working out more, making healthy choices, and trying to live a healthy life.

I guess my final point about cravings is that as long as you recognize them, you deal with them, and if you’re trying to watch your calories or points that you account for them, that cravings are NOT the end of the world and you should NOT beat yourself up for them.

Hhhhhmmm, I think I hear some Ginger Snaps calling my name!