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Modest Monday – First Edition


I want to start my first Modest Monday by stating that these are MY beliefs. If you don’t agree with them, it’s completely okay. I won’t make you read about them and you won’t say mean, critical things, okay? I am happy to agree to disagree and know that it’s okay to have different opinions.

All that being said, I dress modestly. I believe that I don’t need to show off every part of my body to look and feel attractive. These days it seems like you can’t turn your head without seeing every part of a woman’s body.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed or a prude by any means. I am a nursing student and am continually in awe of the human body. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to see a body, I have given people bed baths and never blinked an eye.

What bothers me is that people think they need to show off everything they have but are then shocked they can’t seem to find someone who will respect them. I saw this on Facebook recently and loved it.


This jumped out at me because it rang so true. If someone is attracted to you because they can see everything there is to see, why do they need to get to know you, to respect you and care more about you than just about your body?

That’s what I want my daughter to learn. I want her to know that a man who only wants her because she’s wearing something skimpy, isn’t a man worth having. I want her to find a man that can see she respects herself enough to keep her body covered and that she’s worth so much more than bare skin. She deserves it.

Trendy Tuesday – The Maxi Dress


Time for another trend!  I love clothes.  Even when I’m not 100% happy with how my body looks I still love clothes.  You can dress up or down, make a statement, be comfortable, or glam.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s always something out there for the way you want to look.

I think maxi dresses can work for just about anyone, and I’m a short anyone.  More than anything I think it’s the shape and style you go for.  Given that I’m short a dress with an empire waist (or high waist) is a good thing.  It raises the eye to the smallest part of me (around my rib cage) and makes my legs look so much longer than they actually are (especially when I pair it with 4″ heels!).

This is what I decided I wanted for Easter.  I wanted something bright and different but definitely in the form of a maxi dress.  Too bad nothing in town fit the bill.  I did find this on

I definitely liked it as soon as I saw it but I was worried about ordering it online.  First, I always worry about size given that I like to try things on.  Second, this was listed as “mendi orange” and I was definitely concerned that it could come in some horrible orange that was offensive to the eye.

Also, you may be wondering, given that this is a modesty blog, how in the world I could make the top of this dress modest.  Easy, I say!  I could just toss a cami or tank top underneath and throw a cardigan or bolero over the top.  Instant modesty!  So what I am saying is that modesty was the least of my concerns with this dress.

Beyond the worries there was something that was definitely right – the price!  It was a $60.00 dress but with the sale that was going on and multiple discounts (including one from my aunt!) I was able to score this for around $20.00.  Can’t beat that!!

When this came in the mail my first thought was “the picture didn’t do the color justice”.  It was perfect.  It wasn’t at all what I would term as orange, but rather a deep coral, almost heading toward red.  I already had a white tank top to go under it and was able to find a cute, inexpensive sweater at Target to go with it.  I was officially set for Easter.

This isn’t the best pic of me, I was a little sunburned from the 7k the day before, but doesn’t my friend Kim look awesome??  He he.  I think I look uncomfortable so that’s why I’m not over the moon about this shot.  And my chest/face matches my dress a little too much.  LOL.  Oh and the feet you see between Kim and I would be Aiden deciding to hide while we were taking pics. Also, you can’t see it but even with my 4″ heels, my dress still skimmed the floor.  I’m thinking about 2″ off would be good to wear it with heels or flats this summer.  Just something to think about.

So there’s the trend.  The maxi dress done modest with a lace tank top underneath and a cute bolero jacket over the top.  All of this was done for around $50, including the tank that I believe I got at Old Navy last year for around $10.00.  Have fun shopping!