Monthly Archives: March 2013

Medical Mondays – My First!


This is my first time participating in Medical Mondays but I have been following for quite a while now.  I know I’ve mentioned it here before but I don’t talk about nursing school a lot for a variety of reasons.  I would LOVE to talk about something today though and it being Medical Monday made it all the more special.

Today I registered for a criminal background check, made an appointment to be fingerprinted, and paid for my national licensing exam – the NCLEX-RN!!!

This is all very exciting and scary at the same time.  I am scheduled to graduate from nursing school May 17th with my last day of class being May 10th.  That’s just 66 days until it’s over and 73 days until I get my diploma!  I will have my associate’s degree and the ability to sit for the licensing exam so that I can become a registered nurse.  That.  Is.  HUGE!!

I have been going to school for four years (the first two years were part-time while doing my pre-req’s, the second two years were full-time while in the nursing program) and it really feels like all of it comes down to one moment, one test, and that is a scary thought.  But I know I have been preparing all this time and that I can do it.  I don’t have any other option!