Simply Thankful Saturday – My Grandma


Today is my grandma’s birthday. I could not be more thankful that God has given her another year.

My grandmother isn’t just a grandma to me. When my brother and I were toddlers and our parents divorced it left my dad on his own with two kids. Luckily he wasn’t alone. My grandparents played a huge role in raising us. My dad worked out of town so we stayed with my grandparents during the week. They took us to school and picked us up, grandma had an afternoon snack ready, and at the end of the day she was the one that sat on the bed and made sure I said my prayers.

My grandma taught me that it’s a strong woman that takes care of her family, that prayer is our first line of defense, and that family means everything.

When I got married and started a family my grandma stepped up yet again to do something amazing. When I went back to work she was the one that watched Aiden. She kept him every day, both because she loved him and because she wanted to save us money.

My kids have an awesome bond with their grandma. Aiden is the angel boy and Livi is the angel girl. They can truly do no wrong.


My grandma is the only mother I’ve ever really known and I could not have asked for a better one. I very much hope we have many more years to celebrate. Happy birthday grandma!

About Brandy

I'm a wife to my amazingly talented writer husband, Gabe, and a mom of two, Aiden and Olivia. In my free time (ha!) I'm a registered nurse. More importantly than the rest, I am part of an Apostolic Pentecost church and am currently a Sunday School teacher. I care deeply about my service for the Lord and part of that is being a modest woman. Modesty isn't just part of my religion, it's my life and how I live every day, but being modest doesn't mean having no fashion or fun. And that's what I want to show you here. I hope you come along for the ride.

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