Friday Flashback – Retro


There have been plenty of looks throughout the years that have easily fit in to a modest lifestyle.  The looks of the 40’s and 50’s have made quite the comeback lately, and for an hourglass shape such as myself, it’s a GOOD thing!

How could you possibly go wrong with something like this?

Not only is it a GORGEOUS color, but it has a perfect shape, emphasizing the great curves ladies have, while still keeping just enough covered to be appropriate for work, evening, just about any time.  Retro fashion is definitely my friend.

About Brandy

I'm a wife to my amazingly talented writer husband, Gabe, and a mom of two, Aiden and Olivia. In my free time (ha!) I'm a registered nurse. More importantly than the rest, I am part of an Apostolic Pentecost church and am currently a Sunday School teacher. I care deeply about my service for the Lord and part of that is being a modest woman. Modesty isn't just part of my religion, it's my life and how I live every day, but being modest doesn't mean having no fashion or fun. And that's what I want to show you here. I hope you come along for the ride.

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  1. Love this! Retro styles are definitely a great place to turn to maintain modesty while still having something that is flattering in a feminine silhouette. I have seen women so covered up before that their body may well have been the same shape as a man’s and to me, that is sort of a waste of the natural beauty we were given. I think people understood that very well in the 1950s especially.

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