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A Little Thing Called Ethics


During my lunch hour Gabe told me a story that made my eyes bug out of my head. The story is far too long for me to get in to it when the details are so well laid out by The Chicks On The Right.

Apparently a New Mexico man was pulled over, wrongly suspected of carrying drugs on/in his body and the story spiraled from there. The first hospital the police officer took the man to refused to participate in searching the man, as there was no evidence of him having drugs and it was unethical.

Unfortunately the second medical center didn’t have such scruples. The man was x-rayed, anally searched, forced to receive multiple enemas, anesthetized, and assaulted through the use of colonoscopy. This was all in a different county than a warrant was issued in and the colonoscopy was done 3 hours after the warrant expired.

Oh and now the man is being charged for all of the procedures forced upon him.

My immediate reaction was “I hope everyone involved loses their licenses”. This man did not give consent to any searches or medical procedures.

As a nurse I have a code of ethics I practice under and those ethics play a huge part in the care I give patients. I can’t imagine ever being in a situation in which I feel like participating in something like this is ok. If I ever reach that point, I hope my license is revoked.