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The Life Saver


A friend of mine, Miss Whitney, may very well have saved a life today.  She’s a fellow nursing student but she didn’t do something in the conventional sense (like CPR on a patient) but rather she did something extremely self-less.  She donated bone marrow.  To a STRANGER.

Apparently she’s been on the donor registry for a few years now but just got a call a few weeks ago saying she was the perfect match for a woman with leukemia and asked if she would still be willing to donate.  Without hesitation she said yes and that’s what lead to today.

This week she had to take crazy medications (one of which she let me shoot her up with – that’s how crazy she is!!  he he) to get ready for her donation.  Today she went to the hospital about an hour away and went through a process in which she put strain and stress on her body just to give a part of herself away.  I won’t tell the whole story because she does it much better than I ever could.  You can check it out here.  Oh and she’s adorable so click on over just to see her smiling face.

Whitney has been an inspiration to me and because of her I should now be on the national registry.  It used to be complicated to find a donation site and get signed up but it’s not anymore.  All you have to do is go to BeTheMatch.  Once you get there you just fill out a form and if you’re eligible they will send you a packet and instructions to send back a few cheek swabs.  Could it be any easier??!!  Of course not.  So please go do it.  I sent my off early last week and hope that if I’m ever in the position to pay it forward like Whitney did today, that I will be able to give that gift too.


Blowing Up My Laptop


So not only was I SICK yesterday (and by sick I mean severe gastroenteritis that made me seriously consider going to the ER to get antiemetics and fluids) but my laptop started having severe issues with spyware, which meant I couldn’t blog or do much of anything on it for a while.  Last Sunday I was especially frustrated when I couldn’t complete my homework on time.  I was complaining about not getting anything done so Gabe decided to have some fun and took this video:

This is exactly how I felt at the moment he took the video, like I wouldn’t mind just blowing up my computer.  It worked out perfectly that Livi ran out of the frame just as he started recording so it almost looks like she knows something is coming.  She’s a smart girl like that.

Friday Flashback – Waiting


Five years ago I wrote these words:

Friday, March 02, 2007

40-Week Update

Not much to report I’m afraid. I’m still 1 cm and 50% effaced. I have my due date as Saturday 3/3 but my midwife has my due date as today (3/2). I guess by her count I’ll be officially overdue tomorrow. If nothing happens between now and Wednesday I go back for a non-stress test and regular visit to see what’s going on. Otherwise I’m thinking there may be a lot of cleaning, walking, and other things *nod, nod, wink, wink* this weekend to try to get this show on the road.  🙂

I still remember the the excitement and anticipation I felt wondering when Aiden was going to make his way in to this world.  Of course looking back I know it would be another week before we would get to see his beautiful face but at the time I thought it could be any minute.  In eight more days my tiny little guy is going to be 5-years-old.  Where did the time go??